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Create Your Membership and Choose Your Ecommerce Site

Create your membership and select a desired e-commerce site from different e-commerce sites. Try it free for 14 days without the need for a credit card. Each e-commerce site has its own theme-page settings.

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Create Your Domain

If you don't have a domain name yet, or just want to try it out, create your " * " subdomain.For example, you can open your e-commerce site with a domain name like "" and when you are ready, you can redirect to your own domain name or buy a new one through our site.

Domain Name Process
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Start Customizing Your Ecommerce Site

Start customizing your e-commerce site right away. Add your logo or easily create a new one. Set your company information, payment method, shipping information. Transfer your products or add new ones. With Easy Slider-Banner Management your homepage is instantly ready.

Detailed Review
Features of E-commerce Sites
Sitenano provides you with the most standard e-commerce features you need to start e-commerce and sell immediately.
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Basic E-commerce Features

Domain Name, SSL, Hosting, Email, Security, Backup and Update services, Seo Settings and many more e-commerce services offered by Sitenano as a whole.

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One Panel Management

for All Your Sites

You can have multiple e-commerce or cms web pages, you can easily manage the content of all your sites by following your orders through the same administration panel.

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Messaging Module

With the messaging module, you can directly contact your new visitors or members who reach your e-commerce site, view your past correspondence and strengthen your customer relations with instant communication.

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Free Domain and Other

Domain Name Services

You can create a free subdomain for your e-commerce site as "* ", redirect your domain name or purchase a new domain name from our site.

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Mobile Compatible Ecommerce Sites

and Mobile Management Panel

With a mobile-friendly version of your e-commerce site makes it easy for your visitors on different devices and screens in shopping even product reviews. Mobile e-commerce Management Panel has an easy follow-up and management function for you even if you are on the move.

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User Authorization

You can allow your employees to access only certain pages of your e-commerce site on the system and enable them to perform the works that they have within the authority scale.

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Advantages of Mobile e-commerce Management Panel

Easy Tracking. View, track and manage your priority tasks for the day on the Dashboard. New incoming orders, products to be shipped, messages from your members ...

Manage your product with your mobile device. Take product pictures with your phone, add and update prices.

Manage your order processes. View, process, track your incoming orders.

Ease of communication. With the messaging module, you can instantly view, reply, and review your message history from new visitors and customers browsing your e-commerce site.

Powerful e-commerce features that make your job easier.

Sitenano offers standard e-commerce features as well as convenience to take your business forward.

Manage all your sites through a single dashboard.

You can easily monitor your e-commerce or cms sites which are more than one in our e-commerce system at the same time through a single management panel, and view your priority works via the main dashboard.


Multi-Language and Currency

If you plan to sell globally, you can add different language options to your e-commerce site, sell products in different currencies with the currency module and make payments as supported by your payment system.


Different E-commerce Theme Options

Sitenano, in which e-commerce themes available as ready-to-use features with different prices and different payment advantages with e-commerce packages are offered to you. Each e-commerce theme has its own theme-page settings.

  • Choose from e-commerce themes, customize colors, add your logo or easily create a new one.
  • Color your homepage, category page and product detail pages with banner-slider management.

Choose your theme and start building your e-commerce site.

You can easily customize your site without any technical knowledge.
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Standard E-commerce Features

Even more evolving e-commerce themes and features with a new update.

The following features are available in all our e-commerce themes.

  • hazır e-ticaret temaları

    Ready e-commerce Themes

  • alan adı bağlantısı

    Domain Access

  • güvenilir hosting

    Reliable Hosting

  • kurumsal e-posta hesabı

    Corporate Email Account

  • cloud sunucu altyapı

    Cloud Server Infrastructure

  • 256 bit SSL

    256 Bit SSL

  • seo ayarları

    Seo Settings

  • banner ve slider yönetimi

    Banner and Slider Management

  • sosyal medya araçları

    Social Media Tools

  • mobil uıyumlu e-ticaret sitesi

    Mobile Compatible e-commerce Site

  • mobil yönetim paneli

    Mobile Management Panel

  • ziyaretçi analizi

    Visitor Analysis

  • canlı sohbet

    Live chat

  • google harita

    Google Maps

  • pos entegrasyonu

    Pos Integrations

  • ödeme sistemleri

    Paying system

  • tedarikçi entegrasyonları

    Supplier Integrations

  • pazaryeri entegrasyonları

    Marketplace Integrations

  • ürün karşılaştırma

    Product Comparison

  • excel ürün aktarımı

    Excel Product Transfer

  • fatura yazdırma

    Invoice Printing

  • kargo fişi yazdırma

    Cargo Receipt Printing

  • e-fatura özelliği

    E-invoice Feature

  • e-tahsilat özelliği

    E-collection Feature

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