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Can I use Google AdSense?


You can use Google AdSense with your Sitenano e-commerce website. Google sets some conditions for using it.

Connecting your own domain
In its AdSense program, Google will only accept websites which have their own domain connected. So a domain ending with "" won’t be accepted.

The website needs to be accepted
It’s Google themselves that decides if a website is accepted or rejected for their AdSense program. We don’t know Google’s exact requirements, and thus we can’t influence their decision.
If you’re not sure, Google can certainly explain to you why your website wasn’t accepted in to their AdSense program—Just get in touch with them.

Copy the code on to your website
If your website is accepted in to the Google AdSense program, then you’ll get a special code from Google, which is used to load the adverts from AdSense on to your Sitenano e-commerce website.

  • Copy this code and go to
  • General > Settings > Site Settings Tab
  • paste it in to the Footer Tags.
  • Click Save.

After this, Google can activate the adverts on your website.

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