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Adding E-commerce Website to Google Search Console


Use the Google Search Console to help Google index your Sitenano e-commerce website faster.

Adding your website

  • Sign in to the Google Search Console using your Google account.
  • Enter your domain in the box on the right under URL prefix with ‘https://’ at the beginning.
  • Click on Continue
  • In the new window, scroll to the section Other verification methods and click on the HTML tag option.
  • You’ll see a code which looks something like this: <meta name="google-site-verification"content="CrjKR....>
  • Copy the code and log in to your Sitenano e-commerce website.
  • Paste the code in to the Meta Tags part under General > Settings > Site Settings tab 
  • Click Save
  • Make sure that your website is not in Under Construction Mode
  • Go back to the Search Console and click Confirm

Note: Registering with the Google Search Console doesn’t mean your website will appear on Google straight away.


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