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Guide: Troubleshooting


Is your Sitenano e-commerce website not displaying properly, or are certain parts not loading like you want them to? Often, it’s the local settings or browser add-ons which are the cause of such problems. But don’t worry—most of these problems can be solved by you.

In your browser check the following:

  • Is your browser up to date? If not, then update it to the latest version. To find out which versions we support, take a look at our system requirements.
  • Did you clear the browser cache? If not, you can do so in the browser settings and then start the browser again. You might also want to check if the same error occurs in other browsers too.
  • Is Javascript activated in your browser? If not, activate this for your browser.
  • Did you configure your browser to not accept cookies at all? If so, please change these settings. Without cookies, your website's editing mode cannot function properly.
  • Do you use any kind of script blocker, such as NoScript? If yes, make sure that the script blocker isn’t blocking any Sitenano scripts. To test this, deactivate the script blocker and then see if this changes anything. You should also deactivate any other type of plugins or add-ons like this.
  • Do you use ad-blockers, such as Adblock Plus? If so, deactivate the ad-blocker completely, or alternatively make an exception in the program for Sitenano.
  • Do you use any software security programs like Kaspersky? If so, check its settings to make sure that it isn’t blocking any Sitenano scripts.

Most of the time the problem resolves after taking these few steps.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, feel free to send us a message  In your message, send us:

  • A description of the error and when it first occurred
  • A screenshot of the error, including any error messages you receive
  • The details of your operating system and browser—if you’re not sure what these are, take a look at the site in your browser and just send us a copy of the information you see there.


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