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You can use our e-commerce sites for 14 days with {{ bonus }} bonus defined for you. When your bonus usage period is over, you can continue to use the website by paying.


e-commerce basic

It includes all the necessary steps for those who want to login to e-commerce.

Your payment will be deducted {{price_table[0].amount}} from your bonus account within 14 days of your test period.

e-commerce plus

For those who want to take things one step further, improve teamwork and improve control.

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e-commerce pro

For those looking for a professional management and pursuit with advanced infrastructure and extensive e-commerce team.

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Discounted annual fee

Upto 20% discount on annual payments

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Traffic / Bandwith

500 GB/Year

1500 GB/Year

5000 GB/Year

SSL Certificate

E-mail Account




All Standard Features


User Staff Account




Online Chat Module

Supplier Integrations




Marketplace Integrations




Product Comparison

Advanced Product Filtering

Variant Stock Tracking

Tracking of stocks according to the color, size and similar features of the products

Mobile Site

All sites in Sitenano have been designed with responsive design.However, mobile sites give a kind of application feel because each detail page is completely private with respect to mobile access.

Shipping Calculator Modules

Automatic pricing and courier registration with global or local shipping companies.

A special design for you

Available only for yearly buying.

Product pricing

It is an automatic product pricing application adjusted for competitors that can be used in annual purchases.

Product suggestions

It is the application that shows the most suitable advice products for the products your visitors review. Valid for annual purchases.

Start-up support

Professional team assistance (1-2 weeks) that you can use if you need to start your site.

Success Pack (optional)

Service that you can get continuous monitoring and support on your site.

7/24 Ticket Support

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Standard E-commerce Features

Even more evolving e-commerce themes and features with a new update.

The following features are available in all our e-commerce themes.

  • hazır e-ticaret temaları

    Ready e-commerce Themes

  • alan adı bağlantısı

    Domain Access

  • güvenilir hosting

    Reliable Hosting

  • kurumsal e-posta hesabı

    Corporate Email Account

  • cloud sunucu altyapı

    Cloud Server Infrastructure

  • 256 bit SSL

    256 Bit SSL

  • seo ayarları

    Seo Settings

  • banner ve slider yönetimi

    Banner and Slider Management

  • sosyal medya araçları

    Social Media Tools

  • mobil uıyumlu e-ticaret sitesi

    Mobile Compatible e-commerce Site

  • mobil yönetim paneli

    Mobile Management Panel

  • ziyaretçi analizi

    Visitor Analysis

  • canlı sohbet

    Live chat

  • google harita

    Google Maps

  • pos entegrasyonu

    Pos Integrations

  • ödeme sistemleri

    Paying system

  • tedarikçi entegrasyonları

    Supplier Integrations

  • pazaryeri entegrasyonları

    Marketplace Integrations

  • ürün karşılaştırma

    Product Comparison

  • excel ürün aktarımı

    Excel Product Transfer

  • fatura yazdırma

    Invoice Printing

  • kargo fişi yazdırma

    Cargo Receipt Printing

  • e-fatura özelliği

    E-invoice Feature

  • e-tahsilat özelliği

    E-collection Feature

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